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Takumi Japan Wok & Pan (READY STOCK)
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Brand Takumi
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  • “Magma plate” is carved with concave and convex pattern inside and outside, so it has more surface area and receives more heat. For this reason, it can conduct heat quickly so that ingredients can keep more flavors in.
  • The pan has durability specific to ironware, which is even tolerant to strong heating and ideal for stir-frying on high heat. It can be used in long term by providing seasoning maintenance.
  • The Iron contained will come off and help your iron intake.

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Product Details:


Tamago Pan (small)

  • Material - Body: Iron (silicon coating), Handle: Natural wood, Metal fittings: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: W98 × D325 × H58mm
  • Weight: 380g (approx.)
  • Capacity: 0.4L (approx.)


Tamago Pan (medium)

  • Material - Body: Iron (silicon coating), Handle: Natural wood, Metal fittings: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: W147 × D362 × H64mm 
  • Weight: 620g (approx.)
  • Capacity: 0.9L (approx.)


Tempura Pot 24cm

  • Material - Body: Iron (silicon coating), Handle: Iron, Mesh: Iron (chromium plating)
  • Size: 240 x W312 x H110mm ; bottom diameter 150mm
  • Weight: 1 kg (approx.) for easy handling
  • Capacity: 3.3L (approx.)


Wok 24cm

  • Material - Body: Pure Iron, Handle: Iron & Natural Wood
  • Size: Width 245 × Diameter 444 × Height 126mm
  • Weight: 900g (approx.)
  • Capacity: 3.2L (approx.)


Skillet 16cm

  • Material - Iron (silicon coating)
  • Size: W161 x L263 x H43mm
  • Weight: 400g (approx.)
  • Capacity: 0.6L (approx.)


Use & Care

  • Compatible with gas cook top, Induction heating, radiant heater, halogen heater and plate heater. Not compatible with microwave ovens or ovens.
  • Well seasoning is advised before first use as well as before each use, which will produce a thin oil layer and prevent the pan getting rusted or burnt.
  • Avoid using a detergent when washing the pan to maintain the oil coating. Just wash the pan with a sponge in hot water.
  • Foods with strong acidity or alkalinity might detach the oxide film and cause silver/white discoloration. Detached oxide film is not harmful even when eaten.